Dr. Herrera is very compassionate and caring. Her only goal is for a better quality of life for her patients. After my two spinal surgeries left me with permanent nerve damage, she has reduced my pain level to it's lowest point in over 8 years. Thank you so much!

Jesse S.

 I highly recommend Dr. Herrera to any person suffering with chronic lower back pain, as a result of herniated disk. On the pain scale (1) being very mild and (10) being unimaginable, unspeakable pain Dr. Herrera has drastically decreased my lower back pain to a (3) TOLERABLE. I used to take very strong medication and carried them around when ever I needed them. After the initial visit, I started noticing that there was very slight pain and NOW I seldom take ANY pain medication. So, please don’t wait, go see Dr. Herrera and make your pain tolerable. 

Alfonso C.

 Seriously the greatest! So thankful for  Dr. Gisela is a life changer! I have been getting treatment regularly for over a year. Every treatment is better than the last and I always leave feeling refreshed physically and emotionally. So glad acupuncture and Gisela have come into my life! 

Kelcey B.

 I always come here...she is so caring and sweet.. she listens to me and knows what and how to treat me... Her place is always clean and very welcoming... Love going to her also because she can do a combination  of acupuncture and massage.... She deserves 10 stars if it was for me. 

Angie M.

Dr. Pardo Herrera is one of the most caring people in the world. She can help you if you are in pain. I didn't believe in holistic medicine or acupuncture until one day that I woke up with the worst earache ever and she helped me with her magic hands. The pain was gone in less than an hour. 

Alexa F.

 I’ve gone here multiple times and every time it’s an amazing experience! We’re so glad we found Dr. Pardo - she is lovely and cared about my issues. Coming back for sure!! 

Gabby Thomas

 AMAZING!!! Been seeing her for two years & through two pregnancies. She’s helped me tremendously with the aches and pains of pregnancy via accupuncture and massage. Highly recommend. 

Saddie B

 Dr. Pardo Herrera is very kind and care about her patients, I will recommend her with out doubt. 

Leonor M.

 Absolutely professional, clean, and objectively addresses all your issues. You cant find all these things in one place now a days. I currently treat myself, my wife and children. I'm glad i count on Dr Herrera to address our needs. 

Michel M.

  Amazing!!!! She is exactly what I was looking for. She knows what she is doing, very professional and kind. This is my second session with her and is going wonderful. I feel great every day. She is the best for sure! 

Veru F.

Thank you Gisela and Jeanette for helping me. It has been an amazing experience having acupuncture treatment with both of these ladies. They pay attention to your every need (both emotional and physical pain) and personalize treatment each time. I've been to another acupuncturist but i have to say I'm glad I found Integrative Path Therapies. If you have any fear of needles, you will find ease here. 

Thao L.

Definitivamente la recomiendo, acupuntura para mi es vida!! Me platicaba ella la vez pasada que cuando nós dice que no hagamos cosas pesadas después de una sesión de acupuntura y le digo es que es imposible. Tu puedes venir con dolor, estres, mal genio etc. Y sales con energía, con brillo en los ojos, hasta te sientes bella, con esas ganas de comerte al mundo a mordidas!! Thank you!! 

Diana M.

 I am so glad to have found Dr Pardo! She’s amazing and knows exactly what she’s doing. I have gone to her multiple times for migraines and it’s been a great experience! My husband and I will definitely continue to go here. 

Genesis L

Best of the best. Love Gisela and Jeanette! They have such a great energy and spirit. Wonderful to work with. 

Abigail P.

Dr. Herrera is a very caring and knowledge professional, will recommend her without doubt.

German O.

Dr Pardo she is professional,kindest and concern about her patients. Highly recommend her. 

Rosemary B.